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  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] JIN HO Does Girl Group Dance Moves for the First Time [EP7 Individ

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] JIN HO, SHIN WON and KINO “How Much Do You Know About Your Bandma

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] HONG SEOK, JINHO and YUTO Who Will Be Crowned the Dance Master? [

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]JIN HO, KINO and YUTO turn into kindergarten teachers![EP8 Team Rou

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] HONG SEOK, JIN HO and YUTO Who Will Be Named the Dancing King? [EP

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]KINO presents JIN HO with a “sweet dream” package![EP10 Individual

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]JIN HO and HONG SEOK are destined to be together?[EP8 Individual Ro

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] JIN HO VS SHIN WON:Be Classy Like True Idol Stars [EP6 Individual

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]JIN HO makes a surprising wakeup call ringtone![EP10 Individual Rou

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]Team JIN HO and Tiger JK present the result of their collaboration[

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]JIN HO, turns into a tour guide for YAN AN![EP9 Individual Round M

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]Team JINHO meets Tiger JK, the “Godfather of Korean Hip Hop”![EP8 T

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] YUTO, JIN HO and WOO SEOK Get Frightened Out of Their Wits in a Ha

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] JIN HO, the Oldest Member Turns into a Cutie! [EP4 Individual Roun

  • [M2 PentagonMaker] JIN HO’s 2,762-day Journey Toward His Debut [Individual Talent] EP

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] Which Lady Will Be Chosen by WOORIC (WOO SEOK)? [EP7 Individual Ro

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] JINHO’s Attempt at DJing [EP3 Individual Round: Mind] 160517 EP.3

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] JIN HO, Gives a Shot at Being the Sub-Rapper! “Show Me the JIN HO”?

  • [M2 PENTAGONMAKER] JIN HO,HUI&KINO Try to Win Over Yong Jun-hyung-Pentagon Declare Th

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] HUI, HONG SEOK and YUTO “Guess Who I Am” [EP7 Team Round:Teamwork

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] Team JIN HO Gives BEAST Goose Bumps with Their Jaw-dropping Vocals

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] HONG SEOK Makes a Special B-Day Gift for JIN HO! [EP4 Individual R

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]E’DAWN finally reveals his super adorable cuteness(?)[EP10 Individu

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]Team KINO makes everyone’s jaw drop with their sexy performance[EP1

  • [M2 PentagonMaker] All About HONG SEOK ? Mommy HONG SEOK Episode [Individual Talent]

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] KINO Masters Girl Group Dance Moves! [EP4 Individual Round:Talent]

  • PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] SHIN JA (SHIN WON)’s Art of Seduction That Never Fails [EP7 Indivi

  • (Team KINO's Cover) Sorry by Justin Bieber [PENTAGON MAKER EP 2] 5vs5 Battle

  • [M2 PENTAGON MAKER] HUI the Leader Gets to Be the “Baby of the Group” for 24 Hours! [E

  • (Team E'Dawn's Cover) Good Luck - B2ST(BEAST) [PENTAGON MAKER EP 4] 6vs4 Battle